So now the Baird government has decided to crack down on medium rare burgers

We’re sorry Sydney, but now the government has launched a war against your other favourite late night activity. No, not that one. We’re talking about gorging yourself on delicious, juicy, medium rare burgers after a hard night exercising your drinking arm and dancing shoes.

In the wake of lockouts and club closures since February 2014, one of the few points of solace for Sydneysiders has been the cornucopia of fancy, delicious burger joints popping up all over the city with their outrageous ingredient lists and medium-rare slabs of beef mince.

But the party’s about to come grinding to a halt. Food inspectors in Sydney have started cracking down on fancy burger places that cook medium-rare burgers and handing out fines of more than $1500, because of the risk of bacteria and food poisoning.

And Sydney’s chefs are mad as hell. “You can’t get a medium rare burger, you can’t go out for a drink. It’s ruining Sydney,” My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge told Delicious. “It’s totally ridiculous… A medium rare hamburger is one of my favourite things in the world. I might move to Tassie.”

“The blanket rules and lack of individuality is a problem,” added Bondi Icebergs’ executive chef Monty Koludrovic. “If there is an issue of drinking and violence, why don’t they attack businesses with dodgy operators rather than applying blanket rules?”

Mr Wong’s and Ms G’s executive chef Dan Hong thinks there should be a licensing system so quality burger joints can serve their patties however they want, without putting people at risk of dodgy operators. Otherwise, Sydney’s at risk of becoming “the most boring city on earth,” he said, concisely.

This isn’t the first time the fun police have come for your delicious snacks: earlier this year the denizens of Newtown were outraged when the local council started cracking down on beloved kebab joint Istanbul on King for serving food later than its midnight licence. You can still join the 6000+ kebab lovers petitioning City of Sydney to leave Newtown’s late night greasy spoons alone by signing over here.