Now Mark Ronson is beefing with The Chainsmokers on Twitter

It’s safe to say that U.S. duo The Chainsmokers haven’t exactly nailed their last couple of interviews.

First, there was the Billboard cover story where they declared that “even before success, pussy was number one”. Then came a Rolling Stone piece where the duo’s Alex Pall said that he thinks Lady Gaga’s new single Perfect Illusion – in no uncertain terms – “sucks”.

“A lot of talented people worked on that song. But…” Pall said, before, as Rolling Stone describe it, “scrunching up his nose like something [had gone] rancid”.

Now, Mark Ronson – one of the big names who worked on Perfect Illusion, alongside Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and super producer Bloodpop, formerly known as Blood Diamonds – has hit back the duo, calling them “charisma-bypassed champions of 2 bar Ableton loops”. See the full exchange below.

It’s not The Chainsmokers’ first time in the Twitter firing line. In 2014 the pair incurred the wrath of artists like Deadmau5, Porter Robinson and Knife Party after they stepped up for a particularly cringey television performance. “This is a lesson to us all!” tweeted Mat Zo. “This is what happens when you keep chipping away at your dignity. You start by letting go a little, then bit by bit you lose grip and end up on American Idol wondering what went wrong.”

But if last month’s Billboard piece is anything to go by, that Idol incident didn’t dull their bravado. In the same interview, the pair declared that “only Justin Bieber and Drake can hold a candle to what we’ve done” and that they’re “influencing the industry, putting out songs everyone covers.”

The pair also discussed about their recent performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, which by Taggart’s own description, “sounded like shit”. He sang live for only the second time in his life on their hit Closer, and it didn’t go well: “I was set up to fail,” he says. “Nearly every other person lip-synced it”. See it below.