Now failed festival Maitreya says it will come back in 2017

Failed festival Maitreya has announced it plans to return in 2017, just over a month after telling punters it “may never” come back.

In a post on their Facebook page this morning, organisers declared that they “feel we must dance again” because new festivals have announced their own plans to launch on the Labour Day weekend, when Maitreya previously took place. They are likely referring to new festivals Babylon and Pitch, both of whom recently announced they will launch in March 2017.

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Maitreya’s promise to return comes despite the fact they still haven’t refunded some of the punters who purchased tickets to their 2016 event, which was cancelled at the eleventh hour after organisers failed to secure the permit required for it to go ahead.

In May promoters announced they were “unable” to offer refunds to those who purchased tickets to the event, despite being legally obligated to. Maitreya’s ticketing company TryBooking later said they were suing organisers for the alleged $1 million worth of tickets that had been sold prior to the event.

Responding to commenters on today’s Facebook post, Maitreya organisers said that there “are less than 1800 people who have not been refunded” but that they “understand people are angry”. They have not advised whether they plan to admit 2016 ticketholders for free.

To make good to disgruntled ticket-holders, organisers had previously planned “grand final” weekend event, which was scheduled to take place in September. But those plans were scuppered by the local Buloke Council, who refused to issue a permit for any further events at Maitreya’s Lake Wooroonook site. That caused promoters to admit that their failure to secure a permit almost certainly meant the end for the long-running bush doof: “This, and the financial outcomes of this years event, all lead to the hard truth that we may never be able to present you Maitreya Festival again,” they posted on Facebook.

Maitreya Festival was set to celebrate its 10th anniversary in March this year, before the event was cancelled.

Katie Cunningham the Editor of inthemix. She is on Twitter.