November’s most read stories

As we race towards the end of 2008, we’re taking a quick pit stop to look over the biggest stories of the month for November. As is becoming quite the standard of late, the top 10 most read mainly consisted of festival announcements, rumours, cancellations and conspiracies, however there were a few unexpected gems in there, including the #1 story which came well and truly outta nowhere.

Sitting up top as the most viewed item for November, 2008, it was our story on Etienne de Crecy having his rather spiffy ‘cube’ stage show aped by The Killers at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards. The high volume of reads didn’t just come from the ITM community, however, as this story was picked up by several international websites and blogs, and as a result it received so much exposure it literally had 4 times the number of reads as its closest rival!


1. The Killers copy Etienne de Crecy’s setup

2. Future Music Festival 2009 in here

3. Big Day Out second lineup is in

4. V Festival 2009 lineup announced

5. Future Music Festival 2009 update

6. NeverEverLand lineup lands

7. Australia’s first Global Gathering photos

8. Illness forces Kraftwerk to miss Melbourne Global Gathering

9. “Deadmau5 calls DJs “F#cking c#nts””:

10. ITM Exclusive: Trance Energy coming in 2009*