What So Not’s stadium-sized new single ‘Better’ is finally here

Earlier this year, Sydney favourite What So Not pulled up MS MR vocalist Lizzy Plapinger during his Coachella set to debut their brand new track. Now, after months and months of waiting, ‘Better’ has finally arrived.

It’s the first official single from Chris ‘Emoh’ Emerson since the release of his EP Divide & Conquer last year — although he has dropped a couple of collaborative tracks and remixes in the meantime. ‘Better’ had actually been bouncing around on his laptop for a while before he finally tapped Plapinger — as her solo moniker LPX — to feature on the single.

“I had a few productions I’d been working on in this sonic field but struggled to find a vocalist with the right attitude and tone to fit,” Emoh said. “Lizzy and I clicked instantly on this vibe jamming on the tune.”

The track is most likely our first look at his upcoming debut album, which Emerson has been hard at work on all year. He’s been pretty tight-lipped about what his debut album holds, but he has let slip a few details over the last few months.

“I can’t tell you [about guest features]…but there is a few on there,” he told Alison Wonderland during an interview on her radio show. “I think a lot of people have been going and getting features, and I’ve just been working with my friends or just writing my own music independently. I haven’t been worrying about getting a big name to try and get some extra hype, I’ve just been working with people I really like and care about, and admire their creativity and musicality.”

We’ll get the chance to hear the new tunes up close and personal when he lands down under for Listen Out later this month. Listen to ‘Better’ below.