What So Not just dropped your new favourite remix

Sydney favourite What So Not has linked up with singer Era Istrefi for a huge new remix of her track ‘Redrum’.

But it turns out the edit — which has been a staple of Emoh’s sets for a few months now — wasn’t actually intended to be a remix at all. As Chris ‘Emoh’ Emerson writes on Facebook, this version is actually the original of the song, but for some reason it didn’t make it to radio.

“I can’t remember if I was too slow to turn in my version or something about it didn’t work for European radio,” he wrote. “But Era and I both loved this version and decided to perform it at Coachella and put it out as a remix.”

“It was a fun challenge working on a project where the focus was the vocal and the ‘song’, rather than the production,” he continued. “I loved the guitar parts and vocal melody, and immediately wrote some new vocal parts and chords. The drop actually came together by sampling my friend on an iPhone singing ‘nah nah-nah nah nah’ (possibly at a kick on).”

It’s hopefully the first of many tracks we’ll be hearing from the producer in the coming months, who’s been hard at work on his debut album over the last year. We’ve only gotten a few details about the release so far, but it’s sounding big.

“I can’t tell you [about guest features]…but there is a few on there,” he told Alison Wonderland during an interview on her radio show. “I think a lot of people have been going and getting features, and I’ve just been working with my friends or just writing my own music independently. I haven’t been worrying about getting a big name to try and get some extra hype, I’ve just been working with people I really like and care about, and admire their creativity and musicality.”

We’ll get the chance to hear the new tunes up close and personal when he lands down under for Listen Out this September. Hear ‘Redrum’ below.

Article Image: LSTNGT