Noisecontrollers split: “We’re both going to focus on the music we love most”

If you caught Dutch hardstyle act Noisecontrollers at IQON in April this year then lucky you – it’s the last time the duo will perform together in Australia. Overnight Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra announced that they would be going their separate ways as of January 1, bringing to a close nine years of collaboration that yielded hardstyle anthems like Crump, So High and Gimme Love.

Despite regularly placing in the upper half of the DJ Mag Top 100, the duo has decided to call it quits; Oskam will continue under the Noisecontrollers name, focusing on boundary-pushing hardstyle, while Terpstra will undertake “a new solo project, exploring other styles of dance music.”

In the video interview below, Terpstra says, “It’s been on my mind for quite some time and we’ve had some talks about it, my ambition has taken a new course and I’m going to focus on that… It’s a really positive thing.”

“We’re gonna both focus on what we love to do most,” Oskam agrees. “I hope I can climb on stage sometimes?” Terpstra asks. “Whenever you want.” Watch the full interview below.