No, those Stereosonic 2017 “line-up” posters aren’t real

Fake line-up posters are nothing new – every festival season, you can bet that two or three questionable efforts will turn up, courtesy of an over-eager fan, professional troll, or a publicist trying to drum up some hype.

Sometimes they’re genuinely well done (like the FOMO one that did the rounds earlier this year) but most of the time even a cursory glance at the poster will reveal that it’s a crock. This week, it was Stereosonic’s turn on the fake poster merry-go-round, with two separate “line-ups” emerging yesterday afternoon – despite the fact that Stereo is on hiatus with no plans to return in 2017.

And good lord, are the fake posters shockers. Here’s the first:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.26.11 PM

Let us count the ways in which this poster is terrible. Straight off the bat, it’s blurry AF. We’d say it’s a bad Photoshop job, but by the looks of things this bad boy was put together on MS Paint.

You might also think that Australia’s premier dance festival would probably spell Steve Angello’s name correctly – it has two ‘L’s’ guys, not one. The fact that one stop of the festival is listed as ‘Queensland’ instead of just ‘Brisbane’ is highly suspect, and don’t even get us started on Flight Facilities being billed above Flume. It’s also the exact same design as Stereo’s 2015 artwork, a telltale sign this is the work of a fraudster.

A second fake poster has a touch more credibility:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.29.28 PM

Looks better, right? While this poster lists inthemix as a presenting partner (a nice touch), it also has Channel V there… surprising, considering the station shut down a year ago.

But what ultimately gives it away as a fake is the venue: Melbourne Showgrounds is no longer a festival venue, as Stereosonic co-founder Frank Cotela confirmed to Music Feeds yesterday. Better luck next time, internet.