Nina Kraviz fires back: “Sexism and all similar bullsh*t must die”

Nina Kraviz has emerged as one of the most compelling house and techno talents in recent years – and as we found out in this inthemix interview, she’s a deep-thinker too. On Resident Advisor last month, Kraviz appeared in the first edition of a new video series Between The Beats “revealing the highs and lows of life as a touring DJ”. The commentary that followed has been divisive, with the motivation behind a ‘bath scene’ being a particular sticking point. (Scroll down for the video.)

This week, U.K. trailblazer Greg Wilson, who first met Kraviz at the Red Bull Academy in 2006, has written a lengthy article The Mistress Of Her Own Myths that explores the polarised reactions in his usual measured way. “The Resident Advisor short will only enhance her status, the controversy surrounding it feeding into the growing Kraviz mythology, both personally orchestrated and organic, which now accompanies her career,” he writes. “She’s been dealt the exotic role of Siberian temptress, and, even though she might not have asked for it, how she plays it from here is crucial to her ambitions.”

On her own Facebook page, while acknowledging Wilson’s article as “great”, Kraviz has also addressed what she sees as the tired, “10 times dead” topic of women in the dance music industry. As she puts it: “Sexism and all similar bullshit must die. And the first step to it is to let artists be who they are regardless of their gender, skin color, sexual orientation.” She also writes the final RA video turned out to be “a bit too focused on me as a female”, and not so much about her musical loves like acid techno.

“This video is about a dj on the road,” she writes. “And djs take baths sometimes. The party in Bulgaria was on the beach. So you wanted me to be on the beach in winter cloths? Just not to be misunderstood? Since when [is] wearing a swimming suit on the beach too much? Ha?” You can read the full post on Nina Kraviz’s Facebook page, and watch her edition of Between The Beats below.