Nicolas Jaar’s Darkside album premiered in New York last night

The last we heard from Darkside – the collaboration between classically trained composer of low-slung “blue-wave” house Nicolas Jaar and multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington – was their masterful reworking of the entirety of Random Access Memories as Daftside back in June (listen below).

If you happen to both live in New York and follow Nicolas Jaar on Twitter, though, you could have caught the duo premiering their brand new album last night on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Early reactions saw the commenters at Brooklyn Vegan complaining about there not being enough space in the building for the crowd that turned out, while a commenter at This Is Fake DIY called it “really, really nice work.”

As for the rest of us not lucky enough to live on the L.E.S., we’ll have to content ourselves with A1, the first taste of the Darkside project (below) from last year, until the full album drops sometime before the end of the year.

UPDATE: You can now stream the first 11 minutes of Darkside here.