Nicolas Jaar ditches Clown & Sunset, launches new label Other People

After four years of pushing the envelope with a string of stellar releases, the odd live exhibit at MoMA and one lofty, music-playing prism, Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset imprint is no more. Speaking to Resident Advisor, the New Yorker has revealed that he’s rebranding: C&S is out, new label Other People is in.

Jaar hasn’t offered much of an explanation as to why he’s launching a new label, but devout Clown & Sunset followers should be pleased to hear that most of the original cast of artists seem to have stuck around. The first Other People release, a compilation titled Trust, is due to arrive on September 2 and will feature contributions from various former-Clown & Sunset names: Dave Harrington (one half of Jaar’s Darkside project), Acid Pauli, Nikita Quasim, Valentin Stip and Jaar himself all feature on the tracklist.

So what else do we know? According to the label head himself, Other People will be a “serial label”. Jaar explains: “Like a magazine, we deliver new content each week. Every Sunday, our members will receive a new issue.” Over the weekend, Jaar got behind the decks for underground streaming pros Boiler Room in Chicago, his laptop plastered in hard-to-miss Other People stickers – unfortunately, though, it seems the set was plagued by technical difficulties. There’s been no official word on what went wrong, but Jaar’s perfectionist streak is well documented, particularly when it comes to sound quality. The full Trust tracklist is below – more info on the new label is, hopefully, to come.

Trust tracklist:

01. Will Epstein – Trust I

02. Nikita Quasim – The Way I Felt Today

03. My Girl & Me – Always Back To You

04. Quentin Pistol – Qíยจ

05. David Terranova – Kinq

06. High Water – Railroad Song

07. Benjha – Gravity

08. Acid Pauli – The Gap And The Grip

09. Triangleline – Chronon And Echo

10. Valentin Stip – Temple

11. Nicolas Jaar – Break My Love

12. Dave Harrington Remix Feat. Tamara – Why Didn’t You Save Me

13. Will Epstein – Trust II