Nicky Romero goes behind the scenes on ‘We Are Your Friends’

Zac Efron’s DJ movie We Are Your Friends is out in Australian cinemas now, and it comes stacked with cameos from the world of dance music. Alesso makes a brief appearance in a house party scene, while Dillon Francis manages to be the coolest person in the movie despite only appearing for about three seconds (cameoing as a no-name warm-up DJ at an LA club).

Nicky Romero also makes a cameo appearance at the end, playing himself at the film’s climactic ‘Summerfest’ party – an actual one-day festival that the film’s producers threw in LA. The WAYF producers have now dropped a mini behind-the-scenes video on YouTube, featuring an interview with mainstage star Romero, and some sneak peeks of what went on behind the scenes at the festival shoot (where Romero played a set for the fist-pumping crowd of party-ready extras).

As for the movie itself, it’s big, brash, obnoxious, and at times teeth-gratingly cheesy – but it’s also a whole bunch of fast-paced, hyped-up fun; head over here to read our in-depth review of We Are Your Friends.