Nero talk new album and working with Skrillex

UK bass-benders Nero only dropped their debut album Welcome to Reality last year, but with the LP spawning no fewer than seven big singles and winning them a big army of fans (over 1 million on Facebook, to give you an idea), it’s little wonder plenty are already asking when we can expect the sophomore release. So when BBC Radio 1 recruit Zane Lowe got the duo’s Daniel Stephens on the line last night, he was sure to ask how LP number two was going.

“It’s really good actually,” Dan enthused. “I’d say we’ve got about seven strong tracks down that are obviously still very much in progress, but you know it’s a good start. I think we still have about another four or five tracks to write. It’s funny because we feel so strongly about it and we’re so excited about it, but it’s definitely a step forward and a new direction, slightly – but of course, we’re still keeping the Nero sound! We’re keeping it heavy, but I think we’re doing away with some more dance structures and embracing some traditional song structures.”

The Brit also let slip about another project Nero have on the go: they’ve been in the studio with fellow bass fiend Skrillex, working on a joint remix for new OWSLA-signee MONSTA. “It’s great,” Stephens said of working with the OWSLA label head. “It’s always weird doing collaborations I guess, because you can always be worried that it could turn out and you don’t like it, but they do…but we’ve done these two remix collaborations now with Sonny – this MONSTA one and the Promises one as well. And they both just feel really natural and like we worked together really well and we do kind of gel.” That joint Promises remix came out last year – the side-by-side rework for Sonny Moore’s latest recruit, however, we’ll have to wait for.