You need to watch Dillon Francis furiously recapping The Bachelor

The perpetually entertaining Dillon Francis has given us many reasons to chuckle over the years. There was his hilarious parody of a DJ reality show called DJ World his episodes of Drunk Cooking With Dillon Francis, his DJ-douche video clips, and his numerous alter-egos including DJ Hanzel (and the unforgettable Becky), DJ Rich-As-Fuck and the his classic ‘Strayan bloke Treva – to name a few.

This time around, it isn’t a character of his own creation that Dillon’s been devoting his time to on social media. Rather, he’s just discovered The Bachelor – and boy, does he have a few things to say about it.

Francis’ absolute bewilderment at the show’s premise (“Now she’s making out with him! Oh now he’s making out with this girl! After he just stuck his tongue in the blonde girl’s mouth!”) remains a running theme throughout his ‘recaps’, which mostly consist of him swearing loudly at the TV and referring to The Bachelor as the “dickpickle”.

His anger reaches terminal velocity when The Dickpickle proceeds to make out with a girl who has just thrown up in an anti-gravity chamber. “If anyone thinks that’s cute or sexy, go fuck yourself!” Dillon yells. “These people just kissed after she puked, what are they – fucking birds?!”

There’s only been two recaps so far, but with The Bachelor season far from over we’re hoping there’s more to come. But first, a word of caution: there’s a lot of yelling.

I’ve never been so flabbergasted by a TV show in my entire life The Bachelor

Posted by Dillon Francis on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Alright I got sucked in and I fucking recapped the fucking DickPickle that is the The Bachelor again…

Posted by Dillon Francis on Wednesday, January 18, 2017