You need to see What So Not remix the Stranger Things theme on stage

By now, Netflix sensation Stranger Things has well and truly earned cult status in the dance world. Aside from the soundtrack – which is a brilliant exercise in ’80s record crate digging –  it’s the eerie synth-heavy theme song, composed for the show by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (of Texan electronic group S U R V I V E) that is fast becoming ubiquitous. The score has since been given it’s own release.

Producers from around the globe have been trying their hand at mixing it themselves. Last month, Adelaide producer Luke Millions remade the theme in his studio, surrounded by a huge stack of synths. The vid went viral, and has racked up over 4.1 million views since it appeared on the internet just over a month ago. Only a couple of weeks after, Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman himself had a go at it, giving the theme an analogue remake in his sleek new studio.

Now it’s Chris Emerson’s turn. The What So Not producer dropped the theme into his set over the weekend, and thankfully someone was on hand to capture the moment. At first, he appears to drop it in verbatim – but he quickly takes the wheel, beefs it up with trap, and gives it a pretty hectic drop. Watch it below.