You need to hear this symphony orchestra perform Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’

Last Friday, August 26, the Helsinki Festival staged Classical Trancelations in Concert, a show that put much-loved dance music tracks in the hands of a full symphony orchestra.

The two performances went down in the grand Helsinki Music Centre, with Klaus Mäkelä conducting the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra under a glittering array of disco balls. A recording of the 88-minute performance is now available to stream in full, and most of it is really quite impressive.

The adaptations include Energy 52’s Café del Mar, Armin van Buuren’s Communication, Faithless’ Insomnia and Chicane’s Saltwater. A more recent and pleasantly surprising addition was Opus, the epic 2015 builder from progressive house kingpin Eric Prydz. (Spoiler: it sounds pretty awesome in the hands of an orchestra.) Then, of course, there was Darude’s Sandstorm.

Check out the orchestral performances of Sandstorm and Opus below. You can also watch the full Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra performance at this website.