You need to hear Indian Summer’s brand new track ‘Love Like This’

Melbourne dance duo Indian Summer are back with Love Like This, the follow-up to their August single Been Here Before.

Love Like This features the vocals of fellow homegrown act Lastlings – a collaboration that came about after the boys heard their track Chills on the radio. “From the moment Amy’s vocals hit we knew they’d be perfect for this song, but we didn’t get Shazam out in time and were ultimately unable to find out who they were,” the duo said on Facebook.

“A month or so after that a friend was playing the same tune at a house party, we asked who they were and it turned out the band were friends of friends – a crazy coincidence since we live in different cities. We reached out about collaborating and were delighted when they hit us straight back letting us know that they were keen.” 

Both artists will be appearing at this year’s Electronic Music Conference. Indian Summer are on hand as part of the line-up of speakers, and Lastlings will be featuring in the EMC Play showcases. You can grab tickets to EMC and EMCPlay here.

Love Like This is out through Sweat It Out today; hear it below.