MSTRKRFT’s Jesse is making a solo house album

It’s been a good three years since MSTRKRFT released Fist of God. The follow up to their big debut The Looks, which busted duo JFK and Al-P onto the scene with the single Easy Love (and that delightfully smutty accompanying video), the pair’s sophomore effort proved divisive, to say the least. So when inthemix got MSTRKRFT’s Jesse on the phone this morning, we were sure to ask whether we could expect a third album anytime soon. Turns out, JFK MSTRKRFT (that’s Jesse in his DJ incarnation) has other plans: making a solo record.

“Well, part of the reason why I’m coming to Stereosonic by myself is because I’m almost finished my own album,” JFK explained. “It’s the most ‘me’ record I think I’ve ever made, probably because it is me. I’ve never made a whole record or even a single song by myself, I think because I’ve always been scared to. To step up on my own is daunting.” With Fist of God bringing on board plenty of rap collaborators, last year’s lone new MSTRKRFT single veering on ““electro metal and Jesse’s other project Death From Above 1979 decidedly punk rock, you’d be pressed to guess what genre he’s gone for with the solo stuff. Turns out, he’s headed down the house route.

“I mean, my main influences have all been sort of like Chicago style dance music. So if I was able to do my own pigeon-holing, I would say that my Chicago influences shine big.” Though, he adds, “there’s kind of a bassline”. At any rate, we’ll be able to hear for ourselves soon as Jesse’s assured the LP will arrive “long before” he arrives for Stereo. And no, this doesn’t mean MSTRKRFT are through – we’ll have more info on the duo’s status in the full interview, coming soon. In the meanwhile, let’s have another look at the Easy Love video. Just ‘cause.