Morgan Baker: Discovered

One hundred and fifty promotional CDs, thirty two entrants, two wild cards, a panel of judges; one competition. GPO Hotel’s Discovered DJ Competition raged across Brisbane with all the blustery force of a summer breeze.

The wave of Discovered bought a newly unleashed Pioneer CDJ 2000 setup, complete with Ableton Live 8, an SAE scholarship, a Vicious Vinyl recording package and a great launch pad to a DJ career including a set at Splendour in the Grass.

And it was Morgan Baker, a specialist in toned beats and wayward rhythms, who took out the Discovered crown. With tidy beats, tight mixing and a few tricks up his sleeves, Morgan stood out heat after heat, finally emerging as the winner in an extremely intense final. In the lead-up to his special set for Splendour this weekend, inthemix sits down with the Discovered victor and chats the Morgan Baker signature sound.

Tell us about your musical background. How did you first find yourself behind the decks?

I was a massive hip hop fan whilst growing up, although I often listened to all types of dance music. I do recall in early 2007 my love for electronic music really growing. But it wasn’t until mid 2008 before I snatched up my first set of CDJs. Since then, I’ve managed to get my hands on anything I could to get some practice time. That meant going to friends houses, and using some club equipment before opening hours.

Tell us a bit about your DJing experiences in Brisbane.

I have already had a little bit of experience within the scene playing at a few clubs around Brisbane. But I also had some experience in other DJ comps, which I think has really helped me. I really enjoy preparing for competitions – that extra challenge really motivates me to come up with something special.

What would you say is the Morgan Baker signature sound?

A signature sound is hard to come by. I enjoy experimenting with different genres when working in the studio. When it comes to DJ sets I have been putting in a lot of extra effort with preparation. If you happen to catch one of my sets, expect big noise, a lot of swing and something to bump to! I also try to have as much fun as possible

What inspires you to play?

There are so many things that inspire me to play, but it comes down to the love of the music!

Congratulations for winning such a thrilling competition! What mindset did you find yourself tuning in to in order to get through the DJ competition?

Coming into the competition I wasn’t confident whatsoever. After getting further and further into it, I knew if I didn’t believe in myself there was no chance of winning. I completely changed my mindset for the final! Being confident really helped my nerves.

Who do you think was your greatest opponent in this Comp and what do you think made the final difference between you and the other finalists?

I don’t believe I had one single opponent as such – there were so many good DJs in it! All I could do was power through the tracks, keep my mixing as tight as possible and try to make my set as technical as possible.

How will you best make the most of winning this competition? What plans do you have for yourself and where would you like to see your career path heading?

Being an interstate DJ is my next task. But I would like to thank everyone involved in the competition – especially Pioneer and the SAE Institute!

Catch Morgan Baker this weekend at Splendour In The Grass.