More Dog Blood on the way? Boys Noize and Skrillex are getting back in the studio

Dog Blood, the side-project that combines Boys Noize’ analogue electro thump and Skrillex’s computer seizure skills to devastating effect, is about to make its first visit to Australian shores for Stereosonic. The duo linked up randomly last year when Skrillex paid a visit to Boys Noize AKA Alex Ridha’s studio after a gig in Berlin – the duo hit it off creatively and soon delivered double-single Next Order/Middle Finger, with follow-up EP Middle Finger Pt. 2 dropping this September. But despite the fact that their second EP is only a couple of months old, Ridha told inthemix this week that he and Skrillex would likely be making more music again very soon.

“He comes to Berlin before we go together to Australia [for Stereosonic],” Ridha said, “and then we’re gonna hang out in my studio and maybe make some music…but it’s really spontaneous as well.”

Ridha also talked about the special chemistry that makes Dog Blood work. “We’ve both been producing for a long time, I think both of us have our own styles and our own ways to produce music and I guess that’s what makes it interesting for us… I use a lot of analogue gear and drum machines and synths and we started recording these and putting that in his computer.”

In news from Boys Noize Records, Ridha revealed that there’ll be new Spank Rock material coming out soon, following on from new track We Can Go All Night Long that appeared on Soundcloud a month ago (“he’s working on some really amazing stuff”). The Berlin-based producer also enthused about working with fellow underground superstar Chilly Gonzales.

“I’m really excited to work on his new album,” Ridha said, “he wrote a few songs on that last Daft Punk album, and all the music with Feist… He’s really a musical genius to me.” Keep your eye out for the full Boys Noize interview on inthemix soon.