Mo’Funk: The bright lights of Ibiza beckon

We haven’t seen the name Mo’Funk in Sydney clubs for a few months now. Having been a regular on the scene for many years, playing just about every club the city had to offer as well as festivals like Parklife, Playground Weekender and Harbourlife, earlier in 2008 Mo’Funk packed his bags and headed off towards the bright lights of Ibiza. Arriving on the legendary party island at the start of their summer season, he wasted no time in getting down to business and after only a few weeks scored himself a coveted residency at Pacha. Playing up to four nights a week at the globally renowned club, Mo’Funk’s been able to proudly display his razor-sharp technical skills in front of some of the world’s best. We caught up with him mid-season to see how things had been panning out.

It’s been a while since you flew the coup and headed overseas. Give us a quick rundown of where you’ve been so far on your travels?

I started off in Shanghai in early March for a gig at their superclub Attica. It was an amazing night which gave me a really positive insight into the growing Chinese scene. I then flew to Miami for the Winter Music Conference. It was a brilliant week that any music loving clubber must attend once in their life! This was followed by gigs in San Diego with Sydney expat Glen Coates, San Francisco at the iconic Fillmore Theatre and a unique night called Loose Joints, then an awesome week of partying in Vegas for a friend’s bucks party, then followed by a good month getting a deep love of the city of all cities; New York! Then I traveled to London for a few gigs with friends, then Prague and Amsterdam, before making my way here to Ibiza in early May.

Was it a hard decision to leave the relative safety of Sydney and head international, or was it a logical step to further your DJing career?

It wasn’t a hard decision, 2007 and 2008 have been industry changing years in Australia… A whole new crop of bland DJs and genres popped up that made my decision to leave a whole lot easier. My career was basically at a point that had me doing the week in and week out grind of Sydney bars and clubs, but it gets boring after a while and the music I love to play and my talent weren’t being appreciated. My decision to leave was the only logical way forward. The only place I would want to further my career would be here in Ibiza. I made the necessary steps last year to meet the right people, so landing at the beginning of the summer this year felt comfortable from the start. My career right now is at a point where I feel I deserve to be, everyone who knows me back home knows how much of my life I dedicate to this, so making it over here has made me a very happy man!

Has it been difficult to get your name out there to people who haven’t heard or seen you before, or is it a lot of fun educating new crowds on what you do?

Not really, I love challenges, so starting off here being just ‘another DJ’ was all I needed to show how advanced I am over the majority of other guys out there. I left Sydney at a time where I felt my abilities on the decks were at a crazy high, and it went over people’s heads a little. Here in Ibiza, it’s the opposite. Whenever I’m on I always get positive reactions, because the majority of people who come to Ibiza are here for one reason; to get loose! The party atmosphere is second to none.

You managed to score a residency at Pacha in Ibiza, which is no mean feat. Is it a bit surreal to find yourself on line-ups alongside some of the world’s best?

It’s been amazing; I have stories… lots of stories, haha! I’m at the club up to four times a week, DJing in the Global Room and on the Terrace. The great thing about DJing at Pacha is the amount of industry people that get together every night, and obviously the insane amount of beautiful people that walk through the doors. There are so many hot girls I have forgotten what ugly is! Celebrity spotting is also a funny past time; loads of Hollywood stars and supermodels party there. Every night I’m there the best DJs in the world are on, it’s like the summer festival season in Oz – every DJ in the world wants to be in Ibiza right now, and believe me, the lineups I see every day are ridiculous.

What big name DJs have you seen in Ibiza who truly live up to the hype? Have there been many who don’t meet your expectations?

Carl Cox, he is the man! Such a presence and positive energy comes from him, he draws the biggest crowds at Space every week and he’s just a wicked DJ. Erick Morillo is also awesome, I feel he has his off days, though, but when he’s on fire he really is amazing. I also love hearing my good mate Alex Wolfenden do the sunsets at Cafe Mambo every day, he has the most impressive collection of music I’ve ever seen. Major props must go to Luciano, Sven Vath and the Cocoon crew, they make that night something truly special. There have been a vast amount of big name DJs I’ve heard this year who have disappointed, the worst were Paul Oakenfold – the guy is stuck in this mid-90s time warp still playing the same tunes that made him big way back then – and also Fatboy Slim, I know I know everyone still loves him, but there is only so many train wrecks and needle jumps you can take before the buzz is killed.

What’s next for Mo’Funk – will we see you back in Australia anytime soon, or are you officially a global citizen, traveling for the foreseeable future?

Once the summer season is over here in mid October I’ll jet off around Europe for a few DJ dates and some more traveling before I head home in December, just in time for the start of our summer! My aim is to head off after the end of the Australian festival season in early March, head to Miami for WMC, then make my way to Ibiza to start it all over again!

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