Mo’Funk live at ‘inthemix with… DJ Shadow’

Recorded live at the recent ‘inthemix with…’ show on Friday June 1st at Home Nightclub, local Sydney DJ Mo’Funk warmed up for the one and only DJ Shadow. He mixed up 2 hours of down tempo beats, hip hop, soul, acid jazz and instrumentals. There’s over 100 tracks used in the mix, so putting together a tracklisting would be near most impossible.

“I’ve been listening and admiring what Shadow has done for a long time, and I did my best to try and fit my chilled style in nicely with what was to come that night,” Mo’Funk said, when asked about the night. “It was an honour to warm up for him, it was also a pleasure to finally play the main room of Home after so many years!”

If you’re wondering how Mo’Funk managed to squeeze so much music, he’s been rocking a brand new equipment set-up of late, which enables him to fully utilise his musical creativity. For the tech heads… The set was done on M-Audio TORQ Connectiv software, Trigger Finger/Pioneer DJM 909 Mixer and 2 Technics 1210s.

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