Moby to play one-off DJ set in Sydney this September

If you’ve been following inthemix writer Jim Poe’s tale of touring with Moby on the first ever ‘rave tour’ of the USA, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the bespectacled one’s 11th studio album is set to drop on October 1.

Better yet, he’ll be stopping by Sydney for a one-off promotional set at Chinese Laundry on Thursday September 19 – a unique chance to see a festival headlining act with just 399 other ticket holders.

The marketing is calling forthcoming LP Innocents “arguably the best album of his career” (a tough call against 1999’s 12-million selling Play), but advance single ‘A Case For Shame’, featuring “doom soul” singer Cold Specks, suggests the hyperbole may be right – it’s a moody piano and strings affair that harks back to Moby’s finest turn of the century work. Moby’s been quoted as saying that he “really wanted to make a grungy, lo-fi electronic dance record; over time it transformed into a lo-fi, idiosyncratic, emotional, melodic record instead.” The change in direction was likely influenced by Moby working with another producer (Mark ‘Spike’ Stent) for the first time, as well as a host of collaborators like The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and alt-rock figurehead Mark Lanegan.

Tickets for the one-off set go on sale at 9am Thursday August 8 from Funf Touring and the Chinese Laundry website – we’ll be hoping for a mix of advance material from the new album and a nostalgic trip through Moby’s back catalogue to his early 90s rave heyday.

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