Missing the Caribou and Flying Lotus shows was a terrible mistake

The line-up for this year’s Laneway Festival is stacked with electronic music to enjoy outside and under the sun, but Tuesday night saw two of the festival’s biggest drawcards descend on the Sydney Opera House to create an entirely different experience.

If you missed the back-to-back Caribou and Flying Lotus shows, let us extend our sincerest condolences. There is, however, a silver lining for absent Flying Lotus fans: at the end of the show, the beatsmith came out front and got on the mic to announce that he’ll be back “probably in October.” Whatever you do, don’t sleep on the gig next time. Here’s why. [All photos by Prudence Upton].

The Opera House is an incredible venue for electronic music

As Vivid Live proves every year, the Sydney Opera House can present the most forward-thinking music in stunning fashion despite its traditional name. Those walking into the Concert Hall for Caribou were presented with a cavernous, smoke-filled arena that would soon be pierced by strobing flashes of light from front to back.

Two-and-a-half thousand people danced together on a Tuesday night

After opening the night with Our Love and leaving the stage with Can’t Do Without You, there was no chance that Caribou’s fans were all going to stay seated for his whole set. There were of course the odd few characters who resisted a dance during all this, but when the band and its master came back for an extended, passionate encore of Sun, there were hands in the air and not a seated bum in the house.

Flying Lotus’ live show is truly awe-inspiring

For electronic artists in 2015’s crowded marketplace, there’s an increasing pressure to develop unique visual elements for their performances. As fans, it’s an exciting time; we’ve seen one artist strip things back to an intricate and delicate artform, while Flying Lotus takes the maximalist approach and completely blows the competition away. Multi-layered images blasted relentlessly into eyeballs on Tuesday, as FlyLo’s masked head twisted and shifted between the two projector screens of his ‘Layer 3’ show. It’s masterfully crafted, and there’s nothing else like it.

There was an on-stage marriage proposal

Unfortunately FlyLo had to cut off his performance right before the chrous of Never Catch Me hit, but he still found time to let support DJ JPS get another moment in the spotlight. He got down on one knee, she said yes, and it was adorable. Big hugs from Flying Lotus ensued.