Mike Baird cops flak for “deleting” comments on controversial Facebook post

NSW Premier Mike Baird’s disastrous Facebook post about lockouts is still gathering steam, as punters flood social media with accusations that the Premier’s team are deleting comments from the post.

Baird posted the 400 word rant yesterday, defending his lockout laws and describing vocal opposition to the restrictions as a “growing hysteria”. “The main complaints seem to be that you can’t drink till dawn anymore and you can’t impulse-buy a bottle of white after 10pm,” Baird wrote.

The people of Sydney were not happy at all with this flip-off, and took to the comments to blast the Premier for everything from destroying Sydney’s late night culture to cherry-picking and skewing statistics, and being in the pocket of the casinos, which are excluded from the lockout zone (#casinomike has even started trending on Twitter today).

This morning, the comments on the Facebook post are still going strong, but the focus has switched: punters are now accusing Baird’s social media team of deleting negative comments.

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Baird’s social media manager has adamantly denied the accusations. “It is absolutely not true we are deleting posts,” they told “Not one single post… We would normally delete abusive or threatening posts but we have let this thread run totally free.”

The explanation for the drop in visible comments likely lies in a “Facebook discrepancy,” the social media manager said. “Some ‘counts’ of comments include only the original comment while on other platforms (iPad for example) it seems to also count replies to comments in the tally. When news orgs embed the post it shows a higher tally too.”

Some posts may have been automatically hidden by Facebook for swearing, another spokesperson for the Premier told

But whether or not the social media team is deleting comments, the post itself has now gone super-viral, rivalling Facebook posts by megastars Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian in the comment tally. You can let Mike Baird know what you think about the lockout laws over on his Facebook post.