Mija: “It’s pretty obvious that dubstep is making its return”

Photo credit: Skiz

“We’re seeing that it’s increasingly difficult for a dubstep track to chart in the Top 100,” then-Beatport CEO Matthew Adell told the audience at EMC 2013 in the aftermath of the genre’s well-publicised descent.

Two years later, Mija – one of newer names on OWSLA, the label that once helped propel dubstep into the mainstream – has predicted that it’s making a comeback. In an interview with Beatport, the North American talent said we can expect to hear more bass rumbles in 2016. “Honestly, I think it’s pretty obvious that dubstep is making its return,” she assessed. “Dubstep went up and then it went down. It’s always still been there—trends do that, and it fluctuates so quickly.”

Mija’s cited Skrillex collaborator Marshmello (who makes what he calls “deep fluffy hybrid melodic sexy trap house”) as one of the artists responsible for dubstep’s could-be second wind. But don’t expect to hear the jarring brostep breakdowns that dominated 2011: “coming back, I think it’s going to be a lot more melodic,” Mija added. Read the full interview at Beatport.

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