Melbourne teen’s party officially over following arrest

After a day on the run from his parents, it seems the party is finally over for a 16-year-old Melbourne teenager – who cannot be named for legal reasons – with police having now taken him into their custody. It’s unclear what charge he’s been arrested on, but it comes after an action packed morning of media attention, with radio DJ Matt Tilley of Melbourne’s Fox FM pouncing on the boy in an attempt to remove his – now famous (or should that be ‘infamous’) – yellow sunglasses.

Having staunchly refused to remove the glasses during interviews with A Current Affair, it seems the teen was fiercely protective of maintaining his trademark look, running from the Fox FM studio and fleeing through fire escape. He returned soon after to finish the interview, with SMH reporting that angry callers to the station labelled him a ‘knob’ and told him to ‘watch out’.