Melbourne mum’s attempt to get her son banned from his favourite club goes viral

The struggle of turning 18 the same year you have to sit the HSC is real. Who has the self-discipline to study when you could be in the club?

So when one Melbourne teen started hitting the town a little too often, his mum decided to intervene. In a message sent to Narre Warren nightspot Empire – who naturally reposted it on their Facebook page for the world to enjoy – the concerned parent asked Empire to ban her son from the venue “until the end of his exams period”.

“My son has been attending your nightclub on a weekly basis he turned 18 in March,” she writes. “I’m in control of his bank accounts and have noticed all of his money has been spent at your venue on a Saturday night. [REDACTED] is currently studying year 12 and his father and I are worried that not only is he not saving a cent, but he is beginning to fall behind on his school work.”

“I’ve spoken to [REDACTED] on several occasions but he is struggling to see the big picture. I’d like to request you impose a ‘ban’ on my son until the end of exams period (November).”

But the hard-partying teen was one step ahead of his mum and asked Empire to ignore the message. “This is kind of embarrassing but I think my mum just messaged your page,” he wrote to the club. “Unfortunately my mum’s a b*tch and is immune to having fun, can you just tell her that you’ll ban me. See you on Saturday.” With Empire’s post amassing almost 20,000 likes and climbing, we’d say the people are on the side of the Year 12 student.

clubber mum

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