Meet the ‘Tinder for dance fans’ app everyone’s talking about

If you’re heading State-side in the next few months and are in the market for both random dates and partying, then there’s an app to help you bring those two together. Mix’d is an app for iPhone based on the Tinder swipe-mechanic, but rather than matching you with likely types in your area, it matches you up with people with similar taste in music.

The app filters your options based on your music preferences and what shows you’re going to, and also aims to be a one-stop music service where you can send people tunes, buy tickets, invite people to shows and read music news. It’s also got a concert mode, so you can swipe through potential hook-ups at the same gig as you (which sounds both useful and distracting).

The app is only available in the US and for iPhone at the moment (pick it up at the app store here), but you can check out a sample screenshot below; if your dating checklist requires that your potential partner be into obscure East European minimal techno or chart-topping radio-fodder, then you’ve come to the right place. At least you’ll have a conversation starter.

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