Meet the most expensive club in Australia

Melbourne’s Bond nightclub is giving the Las Vegas superclubs a run for their money, with a VIP Green Room package worth a cool $50,000, the Daily Mail reports. The $50K package gets you the private Green Room, as well as a helicopter and SUV convoy to transport you to and from the club. Naturally, the package also comes with oversized bottles of top shelf champagne and vodka, waiters to serve the booze, some Cuban cigars and your own masseuse.

The club’s part-owner Ozzie Kheir said he was inspired to create the extravagant package after patrons complained that the $10K and $15K luxury packages at his other club were too tight-fisted. “Some clients said ‘Is that the best package you’ve got?’”, Kheir told the Mail, “so we decided to go one bigger. I wouldn’t spend $50,000 on the package, that’s for sure, it’s so over the top.”

That hasn’t stopped other conspicuous consumers from lashing out, though; apparently three people have already booked the $50K party package at Bond nightclub. It doesn’t quite compare to Drai’s nightclub in Las Vegas, where US$737,000 gets you and your buddies a Boeing 737 jet to fly you in for your own professional fireworks display; still, we can but dream. [Photos via the Bond Melbourne Facebook page]

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