Meet Leah Mencel: She Can DJ’s 2012 Winner

Last week, She Can DJ crowned a winner for the 2012 edition of the for-the-ladies competition. Following in the footsteps of last year’s winner Minx (whom, we might add, has just launched her debut single Taking Chances off the back of a busy Ibiza stint) is Adelaide’s Leah Mencel. Mencel’s victory was a testament to perseverance: after making the top ten in last year’s comp, she spent another year honing her craft and entered for a second time in 2012 – this time ‘round, Leah made it all the way to the top spot. Now, she’s got a global recording contract with EMI and is poised to jet off to Europe to begin what’s very likely to be the busiest year of her life. On the morning after the big win, inthemix got on the phone to EMI’s newest signee.

So, congratulations are in order. How did it feel to take out the title last night?

Unbelievable. It was just…I was shocked. I think I’m still in a little bit of a shock, still pinching myself.

You were in last year’s competition as well weren’t you?

I was yeah, I was top ten last year as well.

So what made you decide to enter again this year?

I think the offer of a global recording contract with EMI really stood out for me this year, more so than it did last year. I had a sound that I really wanted to get out there, and what better way to do that than with the EMI family?

Did you approach things differently at all this year?

Yeah, I had a genre that I was very passionate about. I finally found my sound within the EDM industry, that’s where my focus was at.

You focus mainly on dubstep, is that right?

Yeah, I mean it’s a really broad banner. But yeah, it is dubstep.

So what were some of the biggest tunes in your set last night?

I played stuff by Kill The Noise, I played some stuff by Flux Pavilion, Skrillex and I played a couple of Kanye West tracks as well, and ended with Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine, which I played electric guitar during.

What time did you find out the results last night?

I think it was about 11,11:30, then I had to be in the hotel lobby at 5am this morning. So I pretty much found out, had a quick glass of champagne to celebrate, and then I was straight off to bed while everyone else stayed out to party!

So a big day of interviews and stuff today then?

Yeah, I DJ’d on the Ten Breakfast show this morning, so was at the Channel Ten Studios at 5am this morning… the wonders of make-up!

So what’s the next step for you now?

The next step that we’re going to get a remix out that I’ve been working on. Polish that up and get that out ASAP. Then we are off to Ibiza in a couple of weeks, and England and then travelling to a couple of other things around Europe and stuff. Yeah, it kind of doesn’t end from here. I’ve got a mix on Party People weekly, so that’s a 20 minute mix I have to have done every week, and I think I start that in a couple of weeks for the next year. Then there’s the compilation album, and my single…yeah, it’s just crazy!


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