Meet Bobby Duque: Skrillex’s producer brother

The music industry hasn’t always been particularly kind to siblings trying to follow in the footsteps of their famous brothers and sisters. For every Matthew Hawtin-tier relation, there’s a few Haylie Duffs miserably failing to chart and bickering with Ashlee Simpson over who had the rights to the song Boyfriend. Oftentimes, it seems that for every genuine musical talent, there’s a less-inspired relative – sometimes a few times removed – trying to get their own slice of the cash cow.

With that in mind, it was with a hint of trepidation that we posted Bobby Duque’s remix of Zedd’s Shotgun last month: Bobby Duque, you see, being brother to none other than Skrillex. The reaction to Duque’s tune was an unsurprising mix of “Not another Skrillex”, “Family whoring” and “I don’t see more deserving producer getting this attention”. Bobby Duque himself also responded to the article with the defense: “No, there’s not coat tails being ridden. Different sounds, different label, different artists. The only similarity is similar looking faces.” So before the ITM readership writes Bobby Duque (that’s Dew-kay) off, we thought it was only fair to speak to the producer directly and get the first-hand account of his career.

First up, it has to be said that that both Bobby Duque and his elder bro share a pretty similar musical style: call it complextro, brostep or (if you want to go that far) dubstep, the similarities are arguably there.

But 21 year old Duque maintains that his career is coattail-free. “I mean, we’re two different individuals,” he begins. “There’s really not much to say about it. He has his emotion that goes into his music and I have my own world and I put that into my music. Every artist has their own feel and though they may sound similar, it all comes from the heart. Mine does and his does.” Comparisons are, however, inevitable. “I mean, it’s just not necessarily that [comparisons] are frustrating. People know and people are gonna find out that we are biological brothers, but we kind of just do our own thing.”

It’s also worth noting that both Duque and Sonny Moore share similar musical beginnings. It’s now fairly common knowledge that before he shaved half his head and became Skrillex, Sonny Moore was the frontman of the hardcore band From First to Last. Similarly, Bobby Duque’s musical initiation was with the rock group Little Sleep.

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