Mayhem on the high seas: Holy Ship! sets sail

Between the beach party on a private island in the Bahamas, a lineup full of dance music’s biggest names (and best of friends) and three days on a luxury liner in the Caribbean, the second edition of Holy Ship! was always going to be epic. Sure enough, when HARD Events’ floating festival set sail on January 4 it wasted no time kicking into gear – and the man with the camera Rukes was there to catch it all.

We already knew that everyone from Justice to Boys Noize, Major Lazer and Knife Party would all be joining the voyage, but Holy Ship! had a surprise guest up its sleeve, too: last year’s headliner Skrillex. Sonny Moore joined Boys Noize’s Alex Ridha on deck for their first performance together as Dog Blood – a whole different league to 2012’s surprise guest, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

Unsurprisingly, rounding up dance music’s hardest partying names made for a big few nights on board. “When I walked into the theatre for Boys Noize set Saturday night it was pretty monumental,” HARD Events head Gary Richards (AKA Destructo) told Magnetic Mag. “I saw Xavier and Gaspard from Justice up there behind the decks doing their thing. Boys Noize was on Gesaffelstein’s shoulders plus Skrillex (the surprise guest) was jumping around with Brodinski and Diplo. Insanity!” Twitter’s full of tales from the sold-out festival, too – like the guy who tweeted “my last memory of Holy Ship is Skream throwing a shoe onto our balcony then he poured a ton of Grey Goose in my mouth when I returned it.”

But to really live vicariously through the lucky ones who made it onboard, check out the official photos and listen to

Destructo and Brodinski’s set below.