Matthew Dear [Audio]: Where pop and electronic music collide


Although not a native of Detroit, Matthew Dear soaked up the surrounds of his adopted hometown to carve out an enviable niche as one of the techno scene’s most revered new producers. Having now relocated to New York, Dear’s profile continues to soar, and he’s garnered consistent praise for his releases, under both his real and assumed names of Audion, Jabberjaw and False.

He recently dropped his sophomore album, ‘Asa Breed’, and although it’s a distinctly ambitious departure in sound for him, it’s no less impressive. It’s not often you’ll see a techno artist described as a pop act, especially if they still manage to retain unparalleled credibility in the scene, but Matthew Dear is not your average producer. ITM’s Tim Hardaker investigates.

‘Asa Breed’ is out now through Ghostly International/Inertia.