Mat Zo just called out the big names who use ghost producers

Mat Zo might think he’s lost some fans this week, but we’d wager the London producer boasts more admirers right now than ever before. All week long, Zo’s been taking on the state of dance music on Twitter, calling out the scene’s clique mentality, the big names who use ghost producers and DJs who put marketing plans ahead of substance. As you’d expect, it makes for some very compelling reading.

The tweet-a-thon kicked off over the weekend and it’s still going strong today. His gripe? Electronic music used to be a geek’s game and now, it’s been overrun by “cool people” with the money to pay ghost producers. Tiesto, Diplo and Markus Schulz are all in his firing line, because “for too long these guys have pretended to make their own music and [left] us actual producers to struggle”.

Not that ghost producers are his sole target – Zo also alleges that “you can pay to headline a festival” for a price tag of around $100,000. But the Damage Control hitmaker also clarifies that the list you might have seen circulating of big name dance stars and their ghost producers didn’t come from him.

And his remedy for EDM’s ghostly problem? “I think the answer is in people setting up more producer communities. When I started out, forums were very important,” the Brit writes. “There’s so many producers and our world seems so big that its intimidating for young producers, they need to connect with more producers.” Zo also shouts out Skrillex, Above & Beyond, Eric Prydz, Noisia and Deadmau5 as the headliners worth celebrating.

Read some of the explosive tweets below and head to Mat Zo’s Twitter to see the rest. As he quips: “I bet there’s a lot of angry shouting down the phone in Dutch going on now”.