Marishka & Jayde: Two heads are better than one

Fast rising stars on the Sydney trance scene, Marishka and Jayde will this weekend perform a back to back set at A Night Of Trance’s second birthday. When it comes to trance, Australia is home to some of the world’s top female talent, and Marishka seems to be well and truly on her way when it comes to making her presence known in this generally male dominated domain. Originally calling Brisbane home, Jayde’s relocation to Sydney saw him picked up as a regular at ANOT events. ITM managed to pull the duo out of the fast lane for 5 minutes to share their thoughts with us.

Aside from a few notable names, playing up behind the decks is still largely seen as a boys club, how do you find the reaction of the men in the industry to your chosen path?

Marishka: Generally I don’t expect any more or less support than a male DJ
of my level.  If you want to be treated like an equal, you gotta act like one.

What inspired you to DJ?

Jayde: Well I was a punter for years before I even touched a turntable. I always admired the way a DJ could control the crowd, control people’s emotions. I always had a list of tunes that I would drop to send people into a frenzy and I wanted the chance to get to drop them to a huge crowd and send them crazy. My mate bought some decks and I had a practice and was hooked from the word go.

Marishka: I always wanted to produce trance and have been writing music for some time.  Initially I tried DJing to help myself train the ear for trance track structure, but got hooked on it soon for the sake of itself.

You both choose to play uplifting trance. In a scene that is sometimes wracked with drug abuse, do you think your uplifting sounds alone could provide a natural alternative to the chemically induced euphoria so many punters chase?

Marishka:  Drugs are baaad mmmmmkay? Hehe seriously though, sounds of uplifting trance are so powerful, emotive, and well – entrancing – that music becomes the drug.  As for chemical assistance, some people will always look for some, no matter the genre of music; look at the popularity of alcohol and tobacco!

Jayde: I like to think you don’t need drugs to get off on euphoric and uplifting trance. Personally I get off when a wicked melody drops or a baseline kicks in, you feel the shiver down your spine and you feel obliged to put your arms in the air and think, yeah! I think the music alone should give you the energy you need to keep dancing.

Josh and Friends Presents is one of the fastest growing newbie’s on the promotion scene, what is it like to work with these guys?

Jayde: I find them a really professional outfit. They really look after us, they promote us extremely well and really seem keen on making us succeed and build our names up. The effort they go to for their event production is phenomenal. They also give up and comers a chance which is awesome because there is so much untapped talent
out there.

Marishka: Very professional, organised crew that always seek to better themselves – for the benefit of their punters and their DJs.

What are you guys into when not playing music?

Marishka: Playing the piano is my favourite pastime by far. Also catching up with friends, reading – especially philosophy and psychology related stuff. Don’t get me started on sport! I love bushwalking, running, skiing, skateboard and ice-skating, and travel when i can afford it. Also currently reporting for ITM, 3D, and I do a radio show called Twisted which is on 6-8pm every second Saturday on 88.1 FM.

Jayde: I really like to travel and see new things. I also dabble in a bit of production when I can find the time. I love the sun too, so the beach is always on the cards – bring on summer – combine that with some fishing and I am happy.

Where do you two draw your inspiration from?

Jayde: Internationals like Tiesto and Armin who are at the top of their game and are really taking trance to the world. They have put so much effort into it. I would love to have that respect and stardom in the scene one day. Also some local Aussie producers inspire me a great deal, they have put a lot of work into their music and I do believe it’s only a matter of time before some important internationals pick it up; the level of talent in this country is incredible.

Marishka: In life people like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King for their dedication to justice and altruism despite hardship. Einstein for his curiosity for the world and intelligence, Madonna for her drive and work ethic. As far as music goes it would have to be Tiesto and Armin for what they’ve done for the trance scene, and James Zabiela for his pushing the limits of musical and technical creativity and experimentation.

A Night of Trance has to be one of the fastest growing trance nights on the Sydney calendar, what has it been like to have been associated with ANOT for some time?

Marishka: I can only wish I was there from the word go, as a punter I only discovered it in March last year and it’s been a running addiction since then, I have not missed an installment once! Being taken on board as a DJ a year ago was amazing and extra special.

Jayde: A Night Of Trance has been going for 2 years now! We came onboard about a year ago, prior to that I was a punter at ANOT. I always wanted to have the opportunity to play at these events. Since coming onboard the night has exploded, now hosting internationals like Thrillseekers and Ronski Speed. Josh and Friends also have three other events running, with Wanted, Ultra and Beatstruck covering a whole range of music styles. I am also now a resident of Ultra and Wanted too.

You can catch Jayde and Marishka at A Night Of Trance’s second birthday, also featuring the Thrillseekers, this Friday August 19th (BUY TICKETS).