Major Lazer are “almost sure” they’ll be in Australia this summer

Update 11/06: Speaking to triple j, Diplo let slip that he and the rest of the Major Lazer crew will be here for “a big show” in November.

Major Lazer season is well and truly approaching. Their massively anticipated third album Peace is the Mission is dropping on June 1 (and you can preorder it now at their website), kicking off a major international touring cycle which will include Australia – as Walshy Fire confirmed to inthemix recently – “hopefully in January, when it’s nice and warm”.

“I think it will be a festival tour, I’m almost sure,” Walshy told inthemix. “Don’t quote me on it, but for sure we’re looking at it. I would love to be there in January.” And they’ll be bringing along their “completely new” and bigger-than-ever live show. “We’ve got double the dancers – it’s about 11 people – double the everything: pyro, lights,” he said. “It’s an amazing show, it’s completely different from what you guys have seen, but with the same hardcore energy.”

That’s not the only brand new Major Lazer material coming this year, either: Walshy Fire confirmed that the trio will be dropping a fourth album before the end of 2015…once they decide on the tracklist.

“For sure, we’re gonna release another album,” Walshy said. “We already have a name for it, it’s called Music is the Weapon, and it’s gonna come out later this year or early next year for sure… It’ll have a few more club songs, a few more festival songs…but it’ll be in the same spectrum, just super-well-written songs with really great production that the entire world can understand.” Stay tuned next week for our full chat with Walshy Fire and hear the trio’s mega hit Lean On once more below.