Hear ‘The Lourve’, Flume’s brand new track for Lorde

Lorde’s anticipated second album Melodrama is out today, and there’s a name dance fans will find familiar in the liner notes.

Harley Streten — you might know him as Flume — has a production credit on Melodrama track ‘The Lourve’, alongside Frank Ocean’s go-to producer Malay.

Of course, it’s not the first time Harley and Ella Yelich-O’Connor have teamed up — the pair tweeted about wanting to write music together back in 2013, with Flume sharing an internet-breaking remix of her track ‘Tennis Court’ the following year.

It’ll probably be the last piece of new music we hear from Flume for a while. Last month Streten shared the Kučka collaboration ‘Hypperreal’, which his label Future Classic say is the final song we’ll get from the Skin album cycle.

Listen to ‘The Lourve’ below.