Looking forward to summer? ITM’s most anticipated summer moments

With the massive Stereosonic Festival ripping across the country over the past few weeks, the Australian dance music massive were alerted that the summer party season is well and truly here. But it’s only the beginning of what’s set to be one long heavy onslaught of partying, which starts now and pretty much doesn’t wind up until Easter. For each of us though, there’s bound to be a few of those special “moments” we’re anticipating the most over the summer.

Maybe your “moment” will be when you get the chance to paint the town white at Sensation on New Years Eve? Or maybe checking out some of the mega superstar DJ talent that’s been booked to appear at Future Music Festival. Heading out to the Victorian bush to get wild at the rainbow Serpent Festival? Or perhaps, it’ll be something as unassuming as sicking a security guard on a shirtless punter at a festival that abides to the notorious “Tops On” policy. The possibilities are endless.

To get an idea of what punters are most looking forward to over the coming months, ITM talked to the trusty reviewers and photographers on its extensive contributor team to find out what they’re looking forward to the most. Some are exciting, some are unpredictable, some are hilarious and a few are even banal. Without any more delay, have a look at what the ITM community is most looking forward to over summer…