Local girls mix it up with UK DnB Queen!

DJ Storm, UK’s first lady of drum and bass, comes to Adelaide at this week’s end, and supporting her will be an all-female DJ line-up constructed by promoter and DnB fan MPK in an effort to go past the inflated egos that come with many male DJs, instead selecting a support from of up and coming female DJs – as well as the experienced and well respected skills of Adelaide’s Jana. This lineup has grown from a genuine desire to provide opportunities for female DJs in an effort to address the gender imbalance in this profession… and to communicate that drum and bass represents an open and indiscriminatory scene. So here we go with a brief profile of each DJ playing on the night…

DJ Storm

A mere paragraph on Storm far from does her justice, but very basically… UK’s queen of the jungle, DJ Storm (known to friends as Jayne) is quite simply the business. To trace this richly colourful phenomenon would mean to rewind back at least 16 to 17 years and head for Northamptonshire where, whilst studying at University to be a Therapy Radiographer, Jayne was soon to make the initial link with a certain fashion student, Kemi ‘Kemistry’ Olusanya, who was to change her future indefinitely. Years of friendship and a myriad of musical discovery would follow, traversing England in pursuit of all manner of musical styles and excellence from the late 80s onwards. History tells us that Kemi & Storm would rock the drum’n’bass world in a very big way, integral in the formation of the now hugely famous Metalheadz night in London, working very closely with Goldie, until a tragic car accident stripped Kemi of life in the late 90s. Yet Storm plays on, and take it from us, anyone who was fortunate enough to see her in Adelaide, either with or without Kemi, marks it down as one of the major highlights of their D&B memories! Do not miss out…


After playing techno and ambient at Adelaide parties including Voyage and Excaliber, in 93, Jenny (aka Jana) began to play “Jungle” and Jana was born. Residencies at early clubs Floor 13 (94) and Mindsnare led to gigs all round town including: Rumble (a founding member and long time resident), Selectors, Repertoire, Cargo special events, Kemistry and Storm, 99 reasons (NYE), Pure Flow 4 (Melb), Osaka’s Crazy Juice and Deep Edge (Japan), and in the last year Move, Naughty Monkey, Rush, Drumz, Stardust 01 + 02 and WaxWorks 01. She’s been featured on SBS TV’s Alchemy, in Onion, on Dreaming Daisies, Beats 4 Freaks, Kiss FM (Melb) and RRR (Melb). Describing her music as “smooth bass driven breakbeat”, Jana has carved out a definitive style of her own. She cites Matrix, Klute, Teebee, Marcus Intalex, Decoder and Danny Breaks as a few favourite breakbeat artists and Certificate 18, Moving Shadow, Metro, Dropping Science and Metalheadz as influential labels. Check her skills as she warms you up for Storm!


Luize is 22 years old and hasn’t been ‘DJing’ as such for long at all. In fact, it was never even Luize’s intention to play out! She was introduced to the Adelaide dance music scene about five years ago, and more specifically the drum and bass scene about four years ago. As her passion for the music grew stronger, she began to purchase records and learnt to mix, and has continued to do so for almost two years. Although she mainly buys drum and bass, her appreciation for music doesn’t stop there. She also regularly listens to other types of dance music such as progressive house and trance, hip hop, some bands, oh yeah, and even Kylie [go girl-Ed]! Regarding her first set out in public, she’s been feeling pretty nervous, more at certain times than others, but overall is glad to be a part of something that she believes to be a great concept – she knows the atmosphere on the night will be dynamic – and she’s looking forward to seeing the girls – her girlfriends – up there rocking it!


Preferring, until now, to lurk in the shadows of a successful promotional career, Jodi has been rocking the Rhino Room with her innovative marketing concepts and incisive understanding of break-based music genres for over two years now. In fact her unfailing support of local musicians has exposed her to the highest quality drum and bass sounds available in the country. She was initially introduced to D&B primarily by local DJs – particularly Fiction, Filter and Patch of Inbound notoriety – which helped shape her appreciation for international artists. Some would say that the next step – actually getting on the stage – was inevitable, though Jodi’s nature would probably prevent her from admitting it. Playing with Storm will be her first public foray onto the decks, though, still only 21, she’s been mixing primarily breaks and drum and bass for just over a year. Her international gig highlights and influences have included Fierce, Matrix, Marky, and Virus…

DJ Chase

If Chase has one passion in life it’s music! Although born in New Zealand, DJ Chase (aka Natasha)’s most influential years were spent growing up in Adelaide. She began going out in 1995 listening to old skool and rave, but soon found her calling when she saw D&B godfather, Grooverider, rock the place with a jungle set in August of that year. She was totally blown away by his set and hasn’t looked back. Chase’s earliest influences include Grooverider, for obvious reasons, Ed Rush and Optical, Andy C, and Kemistry and Storm, drum and bass champions who continue to inspire her today along with the likes of Fierce, Matrix and Marcus Intalex. She cites labels such as No U Turn, Prototype, Moving Shadow and Metalheadz among her earlier introductions to the music but also checks Virus, Metro and 31 Records as collectively influencing her style and sound. Chase started buying records in 98 but didn’t start mixing until early 99 in what was to be a natural progression driven by her appreciation for the music, the DJs and the producers who bring the scene its unique sound. She’s had previous involvement in DJing through Rhino Room’s New Forms night and is well amped to see Storm touch down on her fourth visit to Adelaide… she’s excited to have the opportunity to play alongside such a highly respected individual of undisputed quality.

DJs Storm (UK), Jana, Chase, Luize and Jodi play Rush (Tivoli Hotel) on Fri Mar 8. Entry is $20

This feature story originally appeared in Onion Magazine – Adelaide’s weekly dance publication.