Live now: Brisbane DJ challenging Smokin Joe’s record

Update: We’re still chasing confirmation, but it looks like DJ Hertz has broken the world record.

Last month, we broke the divisive news that only four months into holding the world record for the longest DJ set in history, Smokin Joe Mekhael had a challenger to his hard-won title. Brisbane’s DJ Hertz announced in April his plan to take on Smokin Joe’s title, and as of midday Saturday the record attempt has begun.

DJ Hertz is now 48 hours in and looking fairly chipper at this stage. However, 48 hours is exactly the point in the attempt Smokin Joe described as the toughest: “From about 48 hours to about 54 hours, where I had my first rest break, I was hallucinating pretty hardcore,” Joe told us last month. “I actually almost broke down at one point. I was crying; tears were streaming down my face.”

As Hertz plans to not only break Smokin Joe’s record of five and half days but make it all the way to a whopping seven and half days, he presently has over 130 sleepless hours ahead of him. Tune into the stream below (via HRMNY.TV), or if you’re in Brisbane head to The Aviary to watch it unfold, and remind Hertz of Mekhael’s helpful pointers: “Stay hydrated. Pace yourself. And realise that in the end, the human body has its limits. If you want to really break the record, it’s going to be your mind, not your body, that will get you through it. WOO!”.

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