Listen to Tkay Maidza’s banging new track ‘M.O.B.’

Fresh from making crowds stomp at Laneway Festival, Tkay Maidza has dropped brand new banger M.O.B – short for ‘Money Over Bitches’ – from her forhcoming debut album. According to a press release, the new track is written as a letter to Maidza’s future self. ”[It is] an audio blueprint to becoming the person she wants to be, a declaration to always work hard without complaining, stay focused and channel ambition as a weapon for success”.

The song originally turned up on Maidza’s debut mixtape Switch Tape, but with production from Elk and a new mix by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Jay-Z) the track stands out as sparkly, Jersey Club-flavoured banger. Listen to it in full below.

Jody Macgregor recently forecast Maidza’s future in a feature series about soon-to-be legends of Australian hip-hop. “Maidza is part of a generation of Australian rappers that isn’t dominated by white guys pulling staunch faces in their press pics, posing in hoodies somewhere grimy and urban with graffiti behind them,” he wrote. “Maidza’s diverse sound has found an audience, and is perfect for a time when diversity is inescapable and impossible to ignore.”