Listen to ‘Techno’, the anthem you’ll be hearing for months

“Nobody listens to techno!” Eminem declared in 2002 on Without Me, taking shots at his apparent nemesis Moby. Thirteen years later, Slim Shady couldn’t be more wrong, and Beatport’s got the stats to prove it.

So with industrial beats filling dancefloors worldwide, HARD Events boss Destructo has created a new anthem for the techno-happy generation. It’s called Techno, naturally, and it’s built around Eminem’s now-infamous sledge. “This song is dedicated to the believers that were down from day one…to day now,” promoter-slash-producer Gary Richards told fans on Facebook.

You can count on hearing a lot of Techno when HARD’s next big outing, the Halloween-themed Day Of The Dead, rolls around this October. As well as running the event, Gary Richards will be stepping up for a set for a set of his own as Destructo, the alias he’s been DJing under since the ‘90s.

“I’d say about 80% of my time is spent working on HARD, and then the other 20% is spent on DJing and writing music,” Richards told inthemix when we asked how he divides his time between promoting and producing. “But they really go hand-in-hand, because whenever I’m in the studio, I’m in there with guys who are playing at the festival.”

Listen to Techno below and grab a free download of the track through Soundcloud.