Listen to Nina Las Vegas and Swick’s “hyperactive” new EP

NLV and her Melbourne BFF Swick dropped their first ever collaborative EP Don’t Send last October, a two-track excursion into futuristic, footwork-flavoured air-horn and neo-trance jams on Skrillex’s Nest label. The EP came with a joint tour of Australia back in February, and now the intrepid duo has returned with their sophomore release, this time landing a place on A-Trak’s storied Fool’s Gold Records with the Cool Sports EP.

Cool Sports expands upon their previous territory with more excursions into ADD dance, drawing from Jersey Club, Juke, hi-NRG pop and a whole host of other unidentifiable experimental club sounds to create a “hyperactive three-track EP of laser jams, tweaked pop, FIFA club and assorted power-ups”. You can listen to the full EP below or pick up a copy from iTunes. If you missed Nina and Swick on the road together, you’ll unfortunately have to wait a while to see them together again, but you can catch NLV with her buddy Anna Lunoe at Waves in Wollongong on 4 June.