Listen to Nina Las Vegas ace her first ever EP with Swick

Nina Las Vegas might have made her name as a DJ and radio presenter, but those aren’t the only skills she’s got up her sleeve. Today, NLV and Swick – the Melbourne producer who’s joining Nina on her upcoming national tour – unveiled their joint EP Don’t Send. It’s the first production effort Nina’s ever set free on the internet and we’re sure you’ll agree that she aced it.

The two-track Don’t Send EP is up for free download on Skrillex’s Nest HQ label and you can listen to it below right now. “I’ve worked at triple j and DJed pretty much since I left high school, but before that I was in bands, musicals and sung a lot of jazz around Wagga (cool, aye?),” Nina explained on her Facebook. “Building up the courage to use all my production knowledge (shout out to using Abelton daily!) and admitting that I wanted to do something of my own… yeh, well it’s happened.”

If you like what you hear, you can catch Nina and Swick taking Don’t Send around the country from this weekend as part of the international edition of NLV Presents. Eclair Fifi, Sam Tiba and UNiiQU3 will all be flying in to join Nina and Swick on the road; you can catch up with the full tour details here.