Listen: The last forty years of music with Flight Facilities

Feeling nostalgic? Then Flight Facilities have you covered. One year on from starting the project, the Sydney duo have finally turned in the fourth and final mix in their series covering the best of the last forty years of music (one decade at a time and with the individual tracks in chronological order), dedicating it to their late friend and hero of Australian dance music throughout the 2000s, Ajax.

If the concept sounds like a huge undertaking, that’s because it was. In a comprehensive post on their blog, Flight Facilities detail the mind-melting, sleep-depriving process they went through to compile the mixes. From cross-referencing music charts to shuffling through their extensive vinyl collection, to adding audio samples of significant moments in history that occurred when a particular track was killing dancefloors or dominating the charts, it’s quite clear they took the project seriously. And it shows. Even a cursory flick through the mixes leads to countless “oh my God, I remember this!” moments, and an in-depth listen proves to be an enlightening and educational experience. With tracks from the likes of Chicken Lips, Daft Punk, and even Naughty by Nature and Tupac, the combined four hours of music is one hell of a trip.

The release of the final instalment of the series comes a couple of weeks before the Future Classic poster boys embark on a national tour in support of their latest single I Didn’t Believe (featuring Elizabeth Rose), taking in stops in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

Grab your pen and paper, get your trainspotting nerd on, and let the rest of the working day fly by in a flurry of bleary-eyed nostalgia. At the moment only 1982-2012 are available, but hopefully 1972 should be cleared soon as well.