Listen: Skrillex’s new album revealed in a ‘Space Invaders’ style game

UPDATE: Skrillex has now uploaded the full album to his Soundcloud, stream it below and buy it here.

You’d never say Sonny Moore isn’t playful when it comes to album release strategies. Last night he started releasing tracks for his new Skrillex album via an 8-bit Space Invaders style game: Beat the levels and you get to download the tracks to stream for a limited time via iTunes.

The new album is still officially untitled, but according to Reddit and Do Androids Dance it’ll be called Recess and will hit stores in the US on March 18.

First track off the rank is All’s Fair in Love and Brostep, a very ‘Skrillex’ brostep affair of heavy bass and firing lasers with the Ragga Twins toasting over the top, setting the scene for the madness to come. Next up there’s Recess, a collab’ with Kill The Noise and hypeman Fatman Scoop (pure hype and wobbly bass), before the energy levels ease away from the red-line.

His collaboration with KillahGraham for the Divergent soundtrack Stranger drops next, along with Chance The Rapper collab’ Coast is Clear (which strays into neo-soul meets drum’n’bass territory), before things swing back into peak-time territory with the trap-y Dirty Vibe and Ragga Bomb with The Ragga Twins – and the tracks just keep coming…

It’s seriously impressive stuff: Download the Alien Ride app here to play along with Skrillex and collect the streams for yourself, and listen to the tracks below; we’ll keep them updated as they become available.