Listen to Seekae’s spacious new slow-burner ‘Turbine Blue’

Sydney’s finest electronica trio Seekae last released new music in 2014 with their third LP, and first on Future Classic, The Worry.

Geographical separation of the group’s members means that it’s been fairly quiet in the past year and a bit – with Alex Cameron pursuing a solo outing, George Nicholas performing in Cliques, and John Hassel teaming up with Lucianblomkamp for Brutalist. Now outta nowhere, we have the brand new Seekae track Turbine Blue.

Featuring Alex on vocals, Turbine Blue showcases some pretty lush vintage synth action setting the mood for a down-and-out love song. It’s intimate with a hint of wryness, bolstered by an embrace of conventional pop song-craft.

At this stage, it looks like a standalone single. But as like 2013’s Another, it could be the first taste of a to-be-announced new album. Stream Turbine Blue, out now on Future Classic, below.