Listen: Rudimental’s debut album streaming exclusively on inthemix

It’s been a whirlwind twelve months for Rudimental. Around this time last year, the Hackney quartet released their breakthrough single Feel The Love; the track quickly hitting #1 in the UK, going three times platinum here in Australia and making it to the #20 spot in last year’s triple j Hottest 100 countdown. Since then, they’ve backed up the first big hit with the similarly-as-huge singles Not Giving In and Waiting All Night, toured Australia with Future Music Festival and even dropped by ITM HQ for an exclusive listening party, where their debut album Home was played for the first time anywhere in the world.

We could only bring 30 of Rudimental’s biggest fans into the listening party, but now – finally! – it’s time for the rest of you to wrap your ears around the debut album. Home officially drops this Friday May 3 in Australia, but ahead of the release date inthemix is hosting the Australian exclusive advance album stream – meaning you can start listening to it right now. “Anyone who’s seen us play live will have some idea of what we’re like,” Rudimental producer and guitarist Amir Amor told us earlier this year. “It’s a really positive record. It’s called Home, and the reason for that is that it comes for our hearts, really. It’s a mixed bag of genres in terms of our influences. There are obviously the rave and the club influences, but then there are also the soul and songwriting influences. There are housey tracks, and there are drum & bass ones like Feel The Love, Not Giving In, and Waiting All Night. But the thing that unifies the whole record is the use of live instruments.”

“We come from a place called Hackney in London and there are a lot of places like that around the world which people might view negatively especially with regard to youth, associating it with drugs, violence and a ghetto culture,” the Brit told us. “But what we really wanted to do was show that there can be light in those sorts of situations and shed some positivity on it.” Dive into Home below.

Pre-order Rudimental’s Home through iTunes now.