Listen: Nico Jaar’s Darkside teases fans with first 11 minutes of upcoming LP

Fresh off of an intergalactic remix of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, under the guise of Darkside, have released the first eleven minutes of their debut LP.

Jaar, best known for the rainy-day beats and downtrodden shuffle of 2011’s Space is Only Noise, and Harrington, a member of the band El Topo (named after infamous director Alexander Jodorowsky’s 1970 acid western) have worked together on both the Random Access Memories remix and 2011’s Darkside EP.

The preview continues the duo’s sonic trend with eerie, Pink Floyd-like riffs atop grooving basslines and percussion. Darkside debuted the full record to a small crowd last week in downtown NYC, though little other information, including a release date, has been released. Listen to the preview below and download it at Darkside’s website.